Something out of the ordinary happened just now. My mom, who has a very unpredictable and often rocky relationship with almost everyone did something that surprised me. She walked out into the living room where I was sitting and my stepdad was standing, she wished everyone a happy New Year, and then hugged my stepdad. Maybe this embrace didn’t last as long as I felt, but I was sure that it was the longest hug she had ever given anyone. My stepdad then said, ‘for better or worse.’ And as they move on and proceed to carry on with their days, I remain fixated on that point in time. I don’t really ever see my mom hug anyone, and if she does it’s short. But this one with my stepdad was special- to me at least. Because this rarity gave me hope. They probably won’t remember this hug, but I won’t forget it anytime soon. It’s one of those special moments in time that takes you away, and puts a smile on your face. .. or maybe it’s just me? I don’t know.



About emersonbtejada

I'm just a young man with many opinions.
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