Oops. Forgot about this thing. I started this because my friend told me she had a diary. And I wanted something that I could go back to long after I had written, and revisit the emotions and thoughts I experienced at the time. Not writing in it for weeks at a time kind of defeats the purpose. A diary isn’t manly, is it? Doug from Nickelodeon had a journal. But I hope I’m a little more manly than him. Which is why, henceforth, we- and by ‘we’ I mean my readers (I have at least one, I hope) and I- shall call this a Captain’s Log. That sounds nice, right? I guess I’m the only person that actually reads this. So maybe I’m just talking to myself. Either way, if someone reads this eventually, I hope you’re well. I’ll try and think of a new goodbye signature for next time. but for now….




About emersonbtejada

I'm just a young man with many opinions.
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