I’ve seen many things in my 20 years on this planet. I’ve experienced emotions from all ends of the spectrum. I’ve experienced much success (at 15, I was a state-ranked track and field runner. At 16, I was nominated and went on to win the prom king title for my school. At 17, I graduated high school with a GPA higher than 4.0. At 19, I beat out about 58,000 applicants to become one of the 2,500 accepted into San Diego State University, and one of the few hundred into the Psychology program.) I’ve also experienced just as much failure (I was not able to raise enough money through scholarships to go to my number one school. I had a rough transition from becoming a young boy into young man. And despite all my efforts to become the star child to my mother, all my efforts were shadowed by the success of my older sister.) I’ve seen many relationships form, as well as deteriorate. I’ve seen lives created, and lives taken. I’ve lived to see then end of the cold war, and the beginning of the War on Terror. I’ve seen many many many things.

I’ve seen so many things, that you’d be surprised at the things I haven’t seen. Which is why I’m writing this today. Despite everything I’ve seen in my lifetime, I have yet to see a bond as strong, as durable, and as unique as the one I share with my brother. It’s inexplicable, it’s unparalleled, it’s actually a bit insane. But I love this boy more than life itself. And watching him grow up makes me feel more like a father than a brother, to be honest. Watching him go through the exact same things I was going through at his age, keeps me young, but it also makes me really proud because I know that I’m watching something amazing happen right before my eyes. I’d give anything for him. At the moment, he’s on spring break and he’s staying with me here in San Diego. He’s sleeping on the couch, not too far from where I’m writing this, and as he sleeps and dreams whatever it is that he’s dreaming, I can’t help but to  look at him and smile. I adore him. I almost don’t even see him as another person, but rather, an extension of myself. He is a younger me, and watching him develop into a young man makes me proud, because despite everything I’ve seen in my life, I’ve yet to see a bond like ours. 


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I'm just a young man with many opinions.
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